Monday, June 8, 2009

The Things I Learned in Oregon

-Nate is deathly afraid of sea lions
-Parker is even skinnier in a wet suit
-There are geocaches ALL OVER the place
-Parker is obsessed with Prefontaine and the U of O
-Rich is even cuter than I thought
-Wet suits make a world of difference in freezing cold water
-Five Kayaks can fit into one truck
-Sea Lions will follow you all over a beach if they feel threatened
-Star fish only move about 1/4 of a mile from where they stick onto a rock in their entire life
-When you're pregnant, it's hard to even jump up to sit on a railing
-Buttermilk syrup os possibly the best tasting thing in the whole world
-Girls are better than boys at sequence
-Girls are better than boys at Up the River, Down the River
-Three beds can fit into a room that's 8'x6'
-A letter can be mailed from OR, to PA and back to UT in three days
-No matter how well you wrap up sea creatures, they will always smell up your car on the trip home
-Rich REALLY wants a kitten after we get married ;)
-Peeing in a wet suit doesn't always make it smell like urine afterwards
-Iphones are completely worth it
-Gum does not last for 19 years
-Tap Defense is nearly impossible to beat on the Spartan, Endurance, Basic level
-Idaho can actually be a cool place to live
-The ER in La Grande would fail to function if more that 5 people came in in a night
-Citizen Cope is an amazing station to enter into Pandora when you just want to relax
-Some people don't change one bit after five years
-My family is still my favorite to go on a vacation with

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Nate said...

"-Girls are better than boys at sequence"

This is an untrue statement.