Monday, September 22, 2008

Girl Camping

So we were bored this weekend and wanted to go camping.  Everyone was busy doing "true T-Bird" night and other boring stuff, so we couldn't get any guys to come with us.  We were a little nervous to go by ourselves so I gave my brother a call... He was in New York for cross country, but he was nice enough to let me borrow his .22 for the night.  Oh, and I brought along the taser my dad gave me last year just for some extra comfort... thanks dad :)  So Me, Kaeley, Jacki and Robyn all drove out to three peaks, built a fire, and slept in the dirt... well, me and Jacki did at least. Robyn and Kaeley ended up in the car.  It was quite the adventurous night.. we were all just chillin around the fire when someone decided it would be funny to throw fire crackers and shoot roman candles at us, ha ha.  We chased them down for a little while but then let them go.  Whoever it was was just afraid of us cause they didn't come back.  Maybe it was cause they saw the gun across my lap and figured they better not mess with these girls... or maybe it was something else.  Who knows ;)  Either way, it was a great night. 

Saturday morning there was a parade for homecoming week.  Me and Jacki were supposed to walk in it with the track team, but then we got a better offer.  The girl doing the Disney "float" needed a few more girls to dress up as disney characters... well duh, we did that instead.  I was Wendy from peter pan and Jacki was Jasmine.  Robyn got the lucky part of the evil queen on snow white, ha ha, she was perfect!  The little kids all LOVED us and came to see the princesses before the parade stared.  One of them saw Robyn and I swear she was about to cry.  She covered her eyes and went back over by the princesses.  It was the funniest thing.


Sammie said...

How awesome is that, you got to dress up as a disney princess!!! That so sweet!! Man i love camping I am so jelous!! I love your blog, it was cute!!! i dunno if you knew i had one.. its

Becca said...

you guys are honestly the coolest people i know. really. cheers for having a good time in cedar!!

Jay said...

Um...Robin's character was not the sleeping beauty witch...She was from snow white. Can you please fix that so your bog is accurate? Thanks very much. Have a nice day.