Friday, December 12, 2008

Time for an update...

Ok, so I warned everyone that I would be really bad at this whole blog thing, and now it's been proven.  So since it's been forever, I'll just post a few pictures of things that have been happening lately.

We'll start with the most recent (and best) event:

I was in the kitchen last night about to make crepes for our little roommate Christmas party when Kaeley walks in with a letter addressed to me and Jacki.  I was excited enough to be getting a letter, but little did I know...  I assumed that it was from a missionary since they're the only ones who write letters, and Jacki and I have a few mutual missionary friends, so it made sense.  Little did i know...  There's no return address, but I didn't think much about it.  I open the envelope and pull out a paper with magazine clippings spelling out the letter.  As I open the paper, $2o0 cash falls onto the floor... What the heck!?  The letter read: "Jacki Ashley:  Don't spend on anything but shoes for track" and that was about it.  No name, no return address, no nothing.  Best day ever?  I think so.

Next.  Christmas is coming and we didn't have any decorations in our house.  Some of our friends at "The Rex" (a house of guys we're friends with) offered to take us out to get a christmas tree!  We all should have been studying or something I'm sure, but who could turn that down?  Here are the pictures:

So I guess a lot else has happened (halloween etc) but those weren't anything special.  Pretty much I've just been livin' it up with my roommates every day... So there's my update.  Have a great day!

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